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Lockheed Martin Canada supports the use of the Internet for responsible communication and will respond to inquiries as staffing and resources permit. Due to the high volume of electronic mail, we cannot guarantee that all Internet inquiries will be answered.

News media questions. All questions from news media professionals should be directed to our Communications department.

Questions pertaining to specific Lockheed Martin Canada products and services or questions regarding new business ventures should be addressed to Business Development.

Questions regarding employment opportunities. Information about technical skills and specific requirements we are looking for is available on our Careers page.

Requests for information about individuals. We regret that we cannot provide information about specific individuals at Lockheed Martin Canada. This includes electronic mail addresses, telephone numbers and employment verification.

Specific questions about the Corporation. Resources do not permit response to questions regarding our history, requests to locate employees or requests for detailed information on business unit programs.

Comments about the Lockheed Martin Canada web site. General comments or suggestions should be sent to our webmaster.