Cabinets and Consoles


Mission Critical Enclosures

Mission Critical Enclosures (MCEs) are deployed aboard AEGIS ships and are currently being installed on the Royal Canadian Navy HALIFAX Class Modernization (HCM) project, and house the Combat System Computing Environment (CSCE). The electronic subassembly equipment installed within the enclosure is made up of Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) computing equipment.

This cabinet was developed to satisfy the need to provide an enclosure to protect COTS equipment from severe military environments.

Multifunction Workstation

Naval combat workstation design in the 21st Century increasingly focuses on reducing operational crew size and related costs. An approach to accomplishing these goals is to expand the use of automation so a single operator is free to monitor autonomous tasks that used to require multiple operators.

The Multi-Function Workstation (MFW) is currently available in three orderable configurations: one-screen vertical (1-EV), two-screen vertical (2-EV) and three-screen horizontal (3-EH). The MFW provides enhanced modularity and maintainability and does this at a lower price than previous generation consoles.

Key MFW discriminators include:

  • Affordability that leverages a multibillion dollar base of experience in Navy
  • Ruggedized console development, economies of scale with key suppliers and low-cost production
  • On-time Schedule Performance
  • Proven performance providing console products for mission-critical applications
  • Innovative, modular technical solution designed for quality, reliability, ease of maintenance and technology evolution
  • Manufacturing excellence providing unparalleled experience transitioning military display hardware from design to production.