Exporting Canadian Naval Technology and Expertise


Lockheed Martin Canada has initiated a worldwide mandate to pursue international opportunities for mid-life frigate modernizations. The global environment is changing, and we recognize that bringing existing platforms to the 21st century is critical for customers needing to rapidly address emerging threats. Lockheed Martin Canada continues to invest in our workforce and technologies to deliver innovative, cost-effective solutions that address these requirements.

New Zealand ANZAC Frigate Systems Upgrade Project

In April 2014, following an extensive worldwide competitive tender, Lockheed Martin Canada was selected over several bidders – including the incumbent - as the Prime Systems Integrator by the New Zealand Ministry of Defence to upgrade the combat systems on their ANZAC-class ships.

The New Zealand contract award represents Lockheed Martin Canada’s first export sale of its Canadian developed Combat Management System (CMS), which was designed as a modern, affordable product for the international market. The CMS is the backbone of the technical solution that will integrate the various legacy and new subsystems for the ANZAC Class ships.

The Royal New Zealand Navy selected the Lockheed Martin Canada solution based on its low risk and low cost approach. Our team was able to demonstrate a low risk execution based on real milestones achieved and on-going delivery of the Halifax Class Modernization Project.

Growing Local Industry through Export

As prime systems integrator, our company leads a strong team, including several Canadian and New Zealand industry suppliers selected through competition. In total, the new capability being delivered for the Royal New Zealand Navy could involve some 20-30 Canadian suppliers, and many from New Zealand, Australia, and Chile – all part of New Zealand’s local industry. This approach demonstrates our ability to successfully leverage purchases and investments in high technology defence products to create jobs and economic growth for Canada and the local industries in which we work.

Growing Local Industry through Skills Development

Lockheed Martin Canada recognizes the importance of actively fostering skills development, particularly those skills that are specialized and required for a nations’ defence. We have a long history of successful partnerships with universities and other learning institutions in support of developing highly capable and motivated employees.

For the New Zealand Frigate Systems Upgrade program, we are proud to announce a partnership with The Auckland University of Technology, where we have set up a Cooperative Education Program for engineers and software development students to work at our facilities in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.