Unmanned Systems

CDL Systems

Lockheed Martin Canada CDL Systems specializes in the development and licensing of vehicle control station software for unmanned systems. It has developed an open, standards-based, and commercial off-the-shelf software product that has been integrated into dozens of unmanned vehicle platforms around the world.  The company’s products are designed on low-cost, interoperable, and open architecture systems to support global government and civil applications, with more than one million hours of operational use.

Lockheed Martin Canada CDL Systems began as a small Canadian business with less than six employees in 1992.  The core technology was developed by Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC) – Suffield and was licensed to CDL to carry on development for unmanned vehicle platforms. CDL was acquired by Lockheed Martin in 2012, and has grown to 75 employees with offices in Calgary, Alberta and Huntsville, Alabama.

Developing Canadian Talent

CDL hires extensively out of the University of Calgary Engineering internship program, with up to 80% of its technical staff coming up through that program over the past 20 years.  The partnership has delivered great results to both the university and the company – cultivating valuable high-tech jobs for Alberta graduates and establishing CDL as a stable and growing local employer. CDL offers Canadian engineers an opportunity to expand a made in Canada product in exciting international markets. 

Unmanned systems are changing the world we live in.  Lockheed Martin Canada CDL Systems is at the forefront of this ever changing technology – creating high value jobs and intellectual property for Canadians.